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Happy with the services, extremelly well performence servers and quick technical support with solution. I would recommend and would rate as A++

by Ansul Sen on 11/04/2013

Os commerce Web Hosting


Inford Hosting is one of the illustrious web hosting services companies in India with its wide range of hosting services on different useful platforms. There are various platforms, on which web sites for e-commerce business, educational business, online newspaper and magazine business are built up. Now, the question might be like, why these only businesses?

In a mood to answer; how many more 'most-searched-websites' are left except these websites? These are the most searched web sites among all per day. People like to do online shopping, people like to search for educational helps or read some education related articles which are divided into more domains, people like to go for reading electronic newspaper, as no-time for sitting for a while and hold the newspaper with both hands in the early morning due to the hurry to go out for schools, offices and other work places. Other than these, idle people prefer to read some motivational or informative articles on various fields of world on Internet. So, such are the key searches of people on whole day.

Hence, as these sites are getting covered on the platforms provided by Inford Hosting , what can be much better than this? For instance, there are many platforms and one of them is OS Commerce platform. On OS Commerce platform, websites, which have been mentioned above are built on by our best blend of intellectual, brilliant, skilled panel. This service has made Inford Hosting an ideal host for those who wish for using OS Commerce specialties for any particular website.

When you will be availing OS Commerce Hosting from Inford Hosting , with hosts of more useful and exciting services you will be served, in addition, e.g. free OS Commerce installation, powerful servers, extra resources for e-commerce, like downloading templates and various kinds of themes as well, commendable hosting attributes and seamless customer support. Along with these services, you will be served with concentrated OS Commerce knowledge to receive the epitome of OS Commerce Hosting Solution.

With the Control Panel Option served with hosting services, you can not only install osCommerce but also other software. There will be an option for Tools, through which you can achieve the control capacity over your website and to mold it as per your requirements. Like, if you have been using such services on another since the beginning, but now want to try something new and change your domain, this transfer system of domain can also be done with Inford Hosting package and plan for free without annoying you for help us in shifting your databases, files and emails.

We include round the clock server supervising, personalized server setup and blends of PHP versions. Furthermore, in order solve any of osCommerce related queries; our customer support panel is always ready.