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Excellent service. Its servers are exteremely fast as compared to other webhosts. They also offer a cheap webhosting consisting of Perl... PHP... ASP and ASP.NET. I would prefer Host Cats  as your webhost.

by Ruchita on 11/04/2010

An Insight View of Lifetime Discount


We proffer quality based Hosting Services with Guarantee regarding price for any further rekindling of services. We make you sure that you will receive Best Hosting Services even with the power pack "LifeTime Discount Guarantee" Offer.


Distinguishing Facts About Us Than The Fellow Competitors


At Inford Hosting , you will be offered with space to make your own decision even after you make commitment for 1 or more years but that should be during the initial 30 days or 180 days. Do not have to get tempted by those higher range of discounts on Hosting Services, after getting bonded with those, you cannot even move away to other providers on your own choice and moreover will be forced to renew the Services, you are availing.


Packages Being Covered by "LifeTime Discount Guarantee"

Following plans are protected by Price Guarantee

  • All Shared Hosting Plans - 2+ years packages.
  • All Reseller Hosting Plans - 2+ years packages.
  • All VPS Server Packages - 2+ years packages.

    Is There Any Scope to upgrade to Any Package protected by "LifeTime Discount Guarantee?"


    Once you sign up with Inford Hosting for one month or some other billing cycle, you can upgrade your respective package even protected by Price Guarantee and avail all the advantages of packages till its validity. And regarding all other charges and billing purposes, you will accordingly be pro-rated. Moreover, maintenance chore is done during off peak times (generally during weekends) with an advanced email to you. The upgrades will take place on the purpose of replacement of any sort of equipment like hardware or even software to serve you with finest.


    To Upgrade your plan, kindly contact our support center here

    To upgrade please complete our upgrade form

    What About Existing Price Guaranteed Package?

    Through the procedure of plan upgrade, you will be able to upgrade your package with new pricing and guarantees. We care about your easeful chore process, so do we provide the accessible and useful Hosting Services to keep you on safer side, because "Our Clients are Special To Us"