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Domain Name Registration India

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What is Domain Name Registration?

The process of listing your domain name in a domain name registry is called Domain Name Registration. A domain name registry can be called a database that stores the names of all the domain names in a domain. The DNS or domain name system of the internet stores a database of domain names. The DNS also generates zone files that are capable of converting domain names to IP addresses.

A network information center (NIC) functions as a registry operator that is responsible for managing the registration of domain names. It controls the policies associated with the allocation of domain names. However, one should not consider the NIC to be a domain name registrar.

Pocket Pinch

You have the choice to pay a very small amount vis-a-vis a very large amount for domain name registration. It all depends on the type of domain name you have. You will have to pay more if you go for private domain name registration. However, it will be correct to say that there is something for every budget.

Why Should You Register a Domain Name

• Domain names give you credibility, visibility, and publicity on the net. It is always good to have a unique name; that way it will help your website to function better.

• A domain name is portable. Even you decide to move your site, your domain name can still point to where it actually is.

• A registered domain name gives you a professional feel and since these name tend to stay in the memory of people, it adds to the website's promotion.


Final Word


Once you register your domain name, it accentuates your website making it popular, and bringing it to the notice of more and more people. With the wide range of packages around, this procedure is simple, easy, and cost effective.


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